Utah Landscape Supply takes pride in selling the most beautiful, healthy sod in the business. Our sod comes from Raft River Sod, in Idaho, where the focus is on the most important areas of the grass production; grass varieties, grass maturity, drought tolerance, soil fertility, growing conditions and service.

The seed is chosen from the latest, strongest genetic varieties available. At least five or six certified varieties of Kentucky Blue Grass are mixed. The criteria used to determine which varieties we plant are; Dark Green Color, Root Strength, Disease and Insect Resistance, Longevity, Sun Tolerance, Shade, Tolerance, Drought Resistance, and Grass Durability. University Means Tests are used, which compare varieties and these characteristics

The grass is allowed to mature in its fields for at least 18 months. When you receive your sod with this maturity, the more healthy and trouble-free your lawn will be.

Blue Grass Sod varieties are planted because they have had the ability to resist overall, the negative effects of drought, sports, high traffic and poor management more than any other type of grass, in this climate. Some types of grass need a little less water to maintain. However, these varieties do not resist wear, disease, or drought as well as Blue Grass. They die easily and usually need to be replaced often. They may not withstand the riggers of normal use, either in a residential or commercial application. When drought problems become severe enough, or the water is shut off during extremely hot temperatures, most other varieties will die. But, Blue Grass however, not only resists wear and continual use, it will green up as soon as water is reapplied.

  • Each pallet is 540 square foot, and a half pallet is 300 square feet. We do NOT require a minimum amount ordered.
  • Installation & Delivery are available. The cost depends on location and quantity
  • Please keep in mind that one pallet can weigh as much as 3000 lbs.
  • We prefer to have your order a week in advance to make sure there are no scheduling difficulties.

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